Oct 26, 2022

First Term Tips for Tuckies

By Betty Tran T’24

Betty Tran T’24

As I wrap up my first term at Tuck, I want to share tips for future Tuckies starting their Tuck journey.

Enjoy and savor every moment!

Time flies when you are having fun. You will likely be presented with more student organizations, events, and other opportunities than ever. Embrace the opportunities, but do not feel the need to say yes to everything. Take the first term to explore different ways you can spend your time and contribute to the campus culture before solidifying which handful you will commit to for the long term. Focus on your unique path at Tuck without comparing yourself to others.

Be open to asking for and receiving support.

The Tuck MBA is designed to be a highly collaborative experience. The best way to work through your coursework, recruitment journey, and overall MBA experience is by leaning on others when you have questions.

Coming from a liberal arts undergraduate education meant I needed to stay curious and not be shy about asking questions to learn the coursework. I sought out support from my study group and professors, TAs, and enjoyed group TA sessions where students could pop in and out with questions and professor lead review sessions.

Similarly, for career planning and professional development, Tuck Career Services offers incredible resources and a team of dedicated career advisors that will accompany you along your recruitment process for summer internships and post-MBA opportunities. Know that the Tuck community will offer to support you along every step you take in your MBA.


Networking can happen anywhere and everywhere at Tuck, and Tuck is a great environment to meet new people and put yourself out there. On shuttle rides home, I introduced myself to second-year students for the first time, and they shared advice for recruitment and career planning.

Recently, during Tech Week, a group of students and I had the opportunity to have lunch with Simon Parmett T’94, the former CEO of MuleSoft, a major software technology company that Salesforce acquired. Simon shared invaluable insights and learnings about how to apply the toolkit we are building at Tuck to influence and lead in the business work via technology and innovation.

I am continuously struck by how generous, kind, and helpful Tuckies are, whether you are meeting them on-campus, on LinkedIn, or anywhere in between.

Be yourself

Always be proud of who you are and where you come from! Tuck has ample opportunities to discover folks in the Tuck network with similar identities and shared experiences as you. This is especially important to me as a woman and person of color, two identities generally underrepresented in business school and business. I have found community within Tuck’s Asia Business Club, LIFT (The Low-Income and First-Generation at Tuck Club), and the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM).

Betty is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a University of Southern California alumna and holds a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the proud daughter of Vietnam War refugees and a first-generation college graduate. Betty worked in business development and sales at a diversity-focused HR technology startup before business school. At Tuck, Betty is involved in the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, Forté Foundation, Asia Business Club, Tech Club, Low Income / First-Generation at Tuck (LIFT), and Tuck Admissions.