Experiential Learning


Apr 15, 2022

Reflections from the 2022 HBS Africa Business Conference

Takunda Ndoro T’22 and Seare Kidane T’23 discuss their experiences at the HBS Africa Business Conference and key takeaways from its theme “Reimagining the Road Ahead...


Jan 16, 2023

Supporting the Sustainable Revolution: Takeaways from COP27

Emilie Litsas T’23 reflects on her time at COP27 and discusses what we, as a society, as business leaders, and as individuals, can do to m...


Mar 2, 2023

GIX UAE: Economic and Cultural Diversification

Nick Lovinger T’23 & Sarah Martzloff T’23 reflect on the UAE’s strategic location, embrace of international tourists and businesses, and reinv...


Mar 2, 2023

GIX UAE: Operating in a Post-Oil Economy

T’23s McKenzie Hunt, Clark Pang, and Charley Yu reflect on the growth, modernization, and sustainability lessons learned during the U...


Mar 1, 2023

GIX Denmark: Experiencing Community and Cooperation in Copenhagen

T’23s Samuel Gray and Sarah Jolley reflect on some of the core values of Danish culture—including community, cooperation, and...


Mar 1, 2023

GIX Israel: Learning in a “Scale-up Nation”

T’23s Alison Kadavy and Sherry Yang reflect on tech, entrepreneurship, and life lessons from the December 2022 GIX course in I...


Feb 14, 2023

Tuck Takes Top Prize in Health Care Case Competition

Xinzhe Fang T’24 details the preparation, experience, and diverse perspectives that helped the Tuck team win the 2023 Kellogg Healthcare Case C...


Feb 13, 2023

Sustainability From Soil to Shelf: MBArk2Boulder Conference

Pierce Gibson T’24 details his experience at the MBArk Food & Sustainability Conference in Boulder, CO.


Feb 3, 2023

Inside Student-Led Treks: Tuck Africa Club Leads Tour of Namibia

Tuck Africa Club co-chair George Agyeman-Badu T'23 shares highlights from a Tuck student trek to Namibia.


Jan 19, 2023

Meeting the Moment: Inside the 2022 Africa Business Conference

George Agyeman-Badu T’23, co-chair of the Tuck Africa Club, shares his key takeaways from the 2022 Africa Business Conference held at C...


Jan 6, 2023

Tuck GIVES: The Intersection of Social Impact & Venture Capital

Eda Kaceli T’23 details her experience as an intern at the Maine Venture Fund.