Cultural Affinity

Asia Business Club
Asia Business Club works to strengthen the ties between Tuck and the Asian community.
Leadership - Chris Ahn, Aodi Jiang, Takuya Ogawa, Betty Tran, Weiran Zeng

Association of Christian Tuck Students (ACTS)
The Association of Christian Tuck Students (ACTS) is a student-led club at the Tuck School of Bus iness that seeks to connect Tuckies to Christ, to one another, and to the Upper Valley.
Leadership - Chris Ahn, Cheyenne Begley, Colette Haynes, Adrian Heneveld

Black Students Association at Tuck (BSAT)  
Black Students Association at Tuck is committed to enriching the value of the greater Tuck community by increasing the diversity of people, ideas, and activities. We seek to build a strong sense of community among students of African descent at Tuck by organizing social events for members and their partners, providing academic assistance, and encouraging members to use one another as a sounding board for concerns and ideas, both personal and business-related. It is our responsibility to work with the admissions office to increase the number of African Ancestry enrollees. Lastly, we intend to increase visibility within the Tuck and greater Dartmouth communities by sponsoring various social and networking events, and by working with the undergraduate dean for Black Student Advising.
Leadership - Ike Anudu, Venise Crawford, D'Najah Picou, Ta-Von Wilson

Consortium Student Association
The Tuck Consortium Student Association serves to provide a space for students who join Tuck via The Consortium to support one another in their career and professional development journeys as well as opportunities to foster meaningful relationships and networks.
Leadership: Fresia BlancoChris Estrella, and Hilde Tineo

Hispanic American Student Association (HASA)  
The mission of the Hispanic-American Student Association (HASA) is aimed at enriching the professional, academic, social and cultural pursuits of its members. Although HASA's activities are focused on Tuck's Hispanic student community, all students are encouraged to participate. HASA is also forming relationships with the other Latino and Latin American groups across Dartmouth's undergraduate and graduate schools in order to form an integrated and unified Latino presence throughout the Dartmouth campus.
Leadership - Fresia Blanco, Manuel Salvatierra, Hilde Tineo

International Club
The International Club is one of the largest clubs at Tuck with a global representation of students from more than 30 countries. The mission of the International Club is to celebrate Tuck’s array of international cultures, to raise awareness of international issues at Tuck, and to expand the global nature of the Tuck extra-curricular experience.
Leadership - Nneka Ajewole, Miki Chua, Joaquin Uranga, Berk Uskuay

Jewish Student Association
Tuck’s Jewish Student Association (JSA) is a crucial resource and source of community for Jewish students during their time in the Upper Valley. JSA organizes Tuck-specific programming for current MBAs and their partners and connects Tuck JSA to the broader Dartmouth Jewish community. We also seek to engage Tuck’s Jewish alumni and support Jewish prospective students through the admissions process.
Leadership - Greg Jacobson, Jenna Zitaner

Latin American Business Association (LABA)  
LABA's mission is to promote and facilitate business and cultural interaction between the Latin American community and Tuck.
Leadership - Valeria Brito, Felipe Casemiro, Fernando Galvan, Santiago Llamas, Diego Vilela

Low Income and First-Generation at Tuck (LIFT)
LIFT seeks to build a community of students who identify as first-generation college students or have a low-income background, and allies thereof. We strive to provide resources to enable academic and professional success and create meaningful discussions for first-generation or low-income students to share progress and contribute back to society.
Leadership - Claire Kadeethum, Betty Tran

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Student Association was founded by students to create a space for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to find and build community. Our mission is to foster opportunities for the practice and celebration of Muslim faith and culture at Tuck and in the Upper Valley.
Leadership - Saif Ansari and Amna Sohail

South Asia Business Association (SABA)
The South Asia Business Association (SABA) is a student-run organization that aims to create a cohesive community of Tuck students, professors, and alumni who share an interest in South Asia. SABA organizes some of the most popular cultural events at Tuck such as Diwali and Holi.
Leadership - Shreya Banerjee, Manasa Buddharaju, Udhav Gupta, Chirag Kataruka, Sunakshi Wadhwa

Tuck Africa Club  
Our mission is to promote the growing business and social opportunities in the African continent. In so doing, raise awareness of the continent at Tuck and expand the global nature of the Tuck experience. The club is comprised of not just those who are of African descent, but anyone who is interested in the continent.
Leadership - Ed Adegboye , Nneka Ajewole, Karim Grira, Felix Odanga

Tuck Europe Club
The club’s mission is to strengthen professional and cultural links between Tuck students, alumni, and the European community. We do this by organizing events; providing opportunities to learn about European culture, business, and politics; and supporting European students while they apply to Tuck (as well as current Tuckies looking to move to Europe).
Leadership - Karim GriraBen Marshall

Tuck Pride  
Tuck Pride is the LGBTQ resource and support group for the Tuck community. We provide a social and support network for LGBTQ students, foster connections with LGBTQ alumni, serve as a resource for prospective students, help Tuck benefit from the richness of the LGBTQ community, and act as a liaison with other LGBTQ groups at Dartmouth and at other top business schools. The LGBTQ and ally members of Tuck Pride are dedicated to fostering respect for diversity of all types within our community of future business leaders and supporting LGBTQ Tuckies in the development of positive social and professional identities that acknowledge their sexual identities.
Leadership - Luke Southwell-Chan, Allie Coukos, Nicole Kutteh, Ben Romero

Tuck South
Tuck South fills a vital niche in the Tuck community, offering avenues to explore the south’s rich culture and food, enjoy its most fun contemporary traditions, and learn about its complex history. We offer inclusive, fun, family-friendly events for our classmates, such as barbecues, traditional Southern college football tailgates, and educational events featuring experts on the South’s multi-faceted history.
Leadership - Katherine Kirby, Reilly Klein, Juhi Patel, Maddie Shoff

Tuck Women in Business
The mission of Tuck's Women in Business Club is to foster a community that enables women to achieve personal and professional success. To this end, WIB provides mentoring, networking, and career development throughout the Tuck experience. We also host an annual conference for prospective students and a Symposium for current students, alumni, faculty and staff.
Leadership - Shreya Banerjee, Tatum Bradley, Jenn Ding, Fiona Frick, Caitlyn Garland, Becca Robinson, Madeline Soutter