Tuck Makes GMAT/GRE Waiver Available for Those Disrupted by Layoffs

Responding to rapid changes in the labor market, Tuck Admissions offers Round 3 applicants a path for test waiver requests.

Since August 1, there have been thousands of employees in highly skilled jobs who have unexpectedly received a pink slip. Technology has been the industry predominantly in the headlines regarding layoffs, but no sector has gone unaffected. 

In response to this rapid shift in the market, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is announcing a special admissions initiative to meet the needs and potential of high-performing talent recently laid off. From now through March 1, 2023, those impacted will have the ability to request a GMAT/GRE test waiver when applying to Tuck’s full-time MBA program.

There’s an influx of exceptionally talented individuals in the labor market right now who may have been considering business school someday down the road and the road just took an unexpected sharp turn on them, says Lawrence Mur’ray, executive director of Admissions and Financial Aid. We are talking about smart, accomplished, ambitious people who have been laid off, are trying to figure out next steps, and now have an expedited timeline to apply to an MBA program if they want to begin their studies in 2023. Those are the people we’re aiming to reach with this effort.

Those interested in requesting a GMAT/GRE waiver when applying to Tuck must meet a few requirements:

Waiver requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis; the last day to request a waiver will be March 1. Round 3 applications for Tuck’s MBA program are due March 27 and will receive a decision on May 4.

We empathize deeply with those who are unexpectedly having to rethink their next career move and we invite them to explore Tuck’s distinctly personal, connected, and transformative MBA experience, continues Mur’ray. We acknowledge their application timeline would be tighter than normal—hence the introduction of waiver requests—but we’re confident that for many of these highly talented individuals, Tuck’s supportive learning community, unparalleled alumni network, and incredible employment outcomes present a value proposition worthy of pursuit.

Learn more about the GMAT/GRE Test Waiver Request.