The Remarkable Class of 2024 Embarks on its Tuck Journey

From a Blackhawk helicopter pilot to entrepreneurial physicians, members of the latest Tuck class are accomplished and inspiring.

Tuck’s extraordinary community isn’t created by accident. Bringing together a talented and diverse student body is critical to Tuck’s mission of developing the wise, decisive leaders the world needs.

Members of the newest class, the class of 2024, are distinct in experience and background, but wholly embody the qualities Tuck most seeks in its students: They are smart, accomplished, aware, and encouraging

The latest cohort of Tuck MBA students boasts an average GMAT of 726—a school record—and equals the impressive GRE averages of the class of 2023 (162 verbal, 162 quant). The class also carries an excellent average GPA of 3.52. 

“We’ve recruited a gifted class of students who are incredibly smart but also curious,” says Amy Mitson, director of admissions, recruitment, and marketing. “I can’t wait to see where their curiosity leads them as they stretch themselves, rise to new challenges, and grow as both leaders and people.” 

Of the 287 T’24s, 43 percent of the class is international, including dual citizens and U.S permanent residents, representing 38 distinct countries by citizenship and 42 by professional experience. Tuck remains among the top MBA programs for women with 45 percent of the first-year class comprised of women. 

Seven percent of the class identifies as LGBTQIA, and 11 percent are the first in their families to go to college. Among U.S. students, 31 percent represent a U.S. minority.


T’24s paint murals in a team-building exercise during Managing People, a special Tuck Launch session led by professors Adam Kleinbaum and Dan Feiler.

“From a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, to a lead ballet dancer, to entrepreneurial physicians, the breadth of experience these students offer is remarkable,” says Pat Harrison, director of admissions, evaluation, and yield. “We could not be more excited for them to invest in one another and learn from each other, forming bonds that last well beyond their two years in Hanover.” 

Exceptionally accomplished, the students in the class of 2024 begin their MBA journeys on the back of tremendous professional experience. T’24s come to Tuck from 232 unique employers across numerous industries and have more than five years of work experience on average.

The class begins their Tuck journey just as Lawrence Mur’ray—Tuck’s new executive director of admissions and financial aid—begins his tenure.

“It’s a privilege to join Tuck at the same time as such an impressive class,” Mur’ray says. “I can’t wait to personally meet the T’24s, learn what made them an excellent fit at Tuck, and partner with them in the year ahead to recruit Tuck’s next great class.”

Learn more about the class of 2024 by visiting the online class profile.