Tuck Professor Joe Hall Appointed to Endowed Professorship

Dean Matthew J. Slaughter announced the appointment of Joe Hall, along with the promotion of five other professors, effective July 1.

Joe Hall

Named the David T. McLaughlin D’54, T’55 Clinical Professor

Joe Hall has with the approval of the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees been named the David T. McLaughlin D’54, T’55 Clinical Professor.

Hall joined the Tuck School in 2000, upon completing his PhD in operations, information, and technology (and after also earning an MBA from the University of Washington, and a BS from the California Institute of Technology). Hall has long been one of the Tuck’s most versatile and accomplished teachers in the MBA classroom and in its suite of non-degree programs alike. His MBA portfolio has included core and elective courses in operations management, operations strategy, services operations, statistical analysis, and economics. He has also provided a number of offerings in non-degree programs including Next Step and Tuck’s minority executive-education programs. Thousands of Tuck students have gained from Hall’s commitment to teaching and learning, and as such he is held in very high regard—as evidenced by receiving in 2012 the Class of 2011 Teaching Excellence Award.

On July 1, Hall will become senior associate dean for teaching and learning. Reporting to Dean Matthew Slaughter, Hall will serve as the faculty champion to support Tuck’s long-held goal of excellence in teaching and learning. Hall will work with the deputy dean and the senior associate dean for faculty and research in maximizing faculty contribution to the MBA program. He will similarly partner with Associate Dean for the MBA Program Sally Jaeger on all aspects of the MBA program, while representing the faculty perspective with the MBA Program Office and the student perspective with Tuck faculty. Reporting to Hall as part of his new role will be TuckGO, center, and teaching-fellow teams.

Laurens Debo

Promoted to Full Professor


Laurens Debo, a highly regarded scholar in the area of operations management, has been promoted to Full Professor by the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

Debo joined Tuck in 2014 as a visiting associate professor, and in 2015 he became an associate professor, with tenure, in the operations management group. He holds a PhD in operations management and an MSc in management from INSEAD, an MSc in operations management from the Université Catholique de Louvain, and an MSc in electrical engineering from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Prior to Tuck, from 2008–2014 Debo served as an associate professor at the Booth School of Business at University of Chicago, and from 2002–2008 as an assistant professor at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

In the Tuck curriculum Debo currently teaches the Management of Service Operations elective, and he recently led a TuckGO GIX in Belgium and Germany on EU Green Supply Chains: Extended Producer Responsibility. Debo also teaches Operations Management in Thayer’s Masters in Engineering Management program. His research uses analytical models and methods to develop insights about the behavior of consumers and providers in different service settings. On the consumer side, he investigates how strategic consumer behavior shapes the demand for services. On the supply side, he studies the management of discretionary services, whose value to the consumer increases with the actual service time. Debo’s research has appeared in many leading journals including Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,Management Science, and Production and Operations Management.

Giovanni Gavetti

Promoted to Full Professor


Giovanni Gavetti, a highly regarded scholar in strategy, has been promoted to Full Professor by the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

Gavetti’s research centers on the cognitive foundations of strategic management, with an emphasis on how the cognition of individuals—especially the cognition of the “strategist” as a key decision maker—shapes the performance of companies and other organizations.  How managers and leaders think, what stories these managers and leaders articulate as a case for strategic change, and whether and how these stories align and animate organizations: these first-order questions have been central to Gavetti’s research.  The title of one of Gavetti’s most recent publications nicely summarizes the salience of his work: “Where do great strategies come from?”  He has explored these questions both theoretically and empirically, analyzing cases that range from investment banking to digital imaging.

Gavetti’s research has appeared in many of the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals in strategy—and, given how important his work is to practitioners as well as scholars, he has published several articles in outlets such as the Harvard Business Review. Gavetti is widely regarded as a scholar who can stake out frontier questions, ideas, and frameworks that help spark new areas of inquiry. This stature is reflected in both the many editorial positions he has held at journals, and in how frequently his research is cited by others.

At Tuck, Gavetti has been a creative and accomplished teacher. In teaching the core course Competitive and Corporate Strategy several times, he has consistently updated the course with cutting-edge topics and applications. He created a new elective course, The Psychology of Leadership, whose overall structure and applications spring from many of the cognition topics that are central to his research. He has also taught a version of CCS to Dartmouth undergraduates. Gavetti’s teaching has been very well-received.  In 2014, students awarded him with the Class of 2011 Teaching Excellence Award for his contributions to the core curriculum. Outside the classroom, he has served on the Strategy Committee and the Curriculum Implementation Committee, all with a keen eye to strengthening the distinct and differentiating characteristics of the overall School.

Gavetti joined Tuck in 2012 as an associate professor in the Strategy group. He holds a PhD from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and an AB from Bocconi University.

Joseph Gerakos

Promoted to Full Professor


Joseph Gerakos, a highly regarded scholar in accounting and in related areas of finance, has been promoted to Full Professor by the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

Gerakos’s research focuses primarily on three areas: the role of accounting information in capital markets, the role of both institutional investors and asset managers in capital markets, and the economics of auditing. His research has tackled a wide variety of interesting and important issues, ranging from hedge-fund disclosures to the links between accounting fundamentals and the cross-section of expected returns of stock prices. Animating Gerakos’s work are often simple yet deeply important questions, such as whether it makes sense for government regulators to mandate that accounting firms rotate across the companies they audit.  And his research consistently applies theoretical and empirical methods that blend rigor and creativity.

Gerakos’s prolific research has appeared in several of the world’s leading journals in both accounting and finance.  Indeed, a hallmark of his research is its broad appeal—to scholars in both accounting and finance, to both theorists and empiricists, and to not just academics but practitioners alike. Gerakos has presented his research at numerous seminars and conferences around the world; he serves on the editorial boards of leading journals; and he is a founding member of the Society of Theory of Accounting Research.

At Tuck, Gerakos teaches the elective course Managerial Accounting, and he has helped build TuckGO by twice leading a Global Insight Expedition to Ghana. His teaching has been very well-received, with students especially appreciating the depth and timely relevance of topics covered.  Last year, students awarded him with the Class of 2011 Teaching Excellence Award for his contributions to the elective curriculum. Outside the classroom, Gerakos has actively served on the Strategy Committee and the Curriculum Implementation Committee, all with a strong interest in enhancing both the research and teaching capabilities of the overall School.

Gerakos joined Tuck in 2016 as an associate professor in the Accounting group. He holds an MBA and a PhD from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and an AB from Dartmouth College.

Juhani Linnainmaa

Appointed as Full Professor


Juhani Linnainmaa, a highly regarded scholar in finance, has joined Tuck as a Full Professor with the approval of the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

Linnainmaa’s research focuses on two broad areas in finance: empirical asset pricing, and the investment decisions and performance of individual investors. His asset-pricing work has explored issues related to stock-market returns and market “anomalies,” that is, on patterns in stock returns that seem unexplained by traditional frameworks. His individual-investor work has asked questions of keen interest to policymakers as well as scholars; for example, do financial advisors encourage their clients to invest in higher-fee products that they themselves avoid? A hallmark of Linnainmaa’s work is applying rigorous methods to novel data—data that he is often creative in assembling.

Linnainmaa’s prolific body of work has appeared in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals in finance, and he has presented at numerous forums around the world. His work is widely praised for its rigor, creativity, and relevance to academics and the broader world. Linnainmaa also invests in the research of others: he has long been an active referee and editor at top finance and economics journals, and he has organized many conferences and seminars. As a reflection of all this, many years ago Linnainmaa was appointed to the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research.

This past year at Tuck, Linnainmaa taught two electives in finance: Investments, and Futures and Options Markets. Outside the classroom, he quickly became an enthusiastic participant in research seminars and in the broader intellectual life of the School. Indeed, Linnainmaa’s co-authors include Tuck professors Joseph Gerakos and Brian Melzer, collaborations which stand to be strengthened by him joining Tuck.

Linnainmaa holds a PhD from the Anderson School at University of California, Los Angeles; he also holds an AB and AM from University of Helsinki.

Leslie Robinson

Promoted to Full Professor


Leslie Robinson, a highly regarded scholar in the area of international tax, has been promoted to Full Professor by the Dartmouth College Board of Trustees.

Robinson’s research focuses on two areas: international taxation, and the interaction between tax and financial reporting issues for multinational companies. The questions animating her work—how do multinational companies operate in today’s global economy, especially regarding the tax laws and regulations facing these companies—are timely and important both to scholars and to business and policy leaders alike.  Her research is often in settings where a cogent grasp of institutional detail is important for clarity of framing and analysis.  Similarly, her research often features meticulously compiled data from multiple sources that span the globe from the United States to Europe to Australia.

Robinson’s research has appeared in the world’s top accounting and tax journals.  It has also appeared in the pages of The Wall Street Journal and other leading business publications, which reflects how creative and topical is her work. Robinson has presented her research at seminars and conferences around the world, and she has provided expert testimony to the United States Senate and other government agencies.

At Tuck, Robinson has been an accomplished and versatile teacher.  She has taught the core financial accounting course—Financial Measurement, Reporting and Analysis.  She created and has taught a well-received elective course, Taxes and Business Strategy.  She has helped build TuckGO by leading Global Insight Expeditions to Brazil and Argentina.  And, she has taught in—and today serves as faculty director for—the Business Bridge Program. Outside the classroom, Robinson helps weave the intellectual and social fabric of Tuck in a variety of ways such as presenting at alumni events, donating items to Tuck Gives, and keeping pace with the Tuck triathlon and cycling clubs.

Robinson joined Tuck in 2006 as an assistant professor in the Accounting group. She holds a doctorate from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and an AB from Wake Forest University.

All appointments are effective July 1, 2019.