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Liz Nuñez Joins Tuck as New Executive Director of Alumni Engagement

A passionate believer in the power of higher education, Nuñez is excited to make Tuck even more relevant and important to the lives of alumni.

At the beginning of the year, Tuck welcomed Liz Nuñez to its staff as the new executive director of alumni engagement.

A self-avowed “people person” and a passionate believer in the power of higher education, Nuñez is excited to bring the skills she developed in alumni relations at Harvard and Dartmouth to Tuck, where she can build on the school’s famously strong alumni network. Nuñez has numerous personal connections to Tuck, as well: her father, John Dietel, is a member of the class of 1976, and she has cousins in the classes of 2015 and 2022.

After graduating from Colgate University, Nuñez was drawn to work in higher education because of the positive impact it can have on the world, not only through teaching and knowledge creation, but through the networks that result from the students’ shared experiences. “As the nature of connection has changed, there aren’t as many opportunities to be part of something you could only do if you had this shared experience,” Nuñez says. “Being able to help grow these rare networks is a real privilege.”

Nuñez’s path through higher education has included positions in executive education and alumni relations at the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and most recently at Dartmouth College, where she was the deputy director of alumni relations. “Tuck is a dream job for me,” she says, “because all of what I loved most about my other jobs is embedded in this role, and I feel like it’s the right moment and the best match for my skills.”

What energizes you most about alumni relations?

I think institutions like Tuck have transformative power. The people they educate go out into the world and make it better, create progress, usher in new eras. The opportunity to invest in keeping those alumni connected with their institutions and each other, thereby strengthening those networks and ultimately that impact, is really energizing.

What are you most looking forward to in your role at Tuck?

I feel incredibly lucky to have joined this community. It’s the smallest alumni base I’ve worked with, and everywhere I turn it’s about community. When you read interviews in Poets&Quants with people who have just been admitted, they say they chose Tuck because of the community. When you talk with alumni, that’s also what they emphasize: that they have built a lifelong community of people who have bolstered their lives and careers. To walk into a situation where there’s already that strength of bond means that the alumni engagement team can focus on impact and achievement. And it’s just an amazing moment to join a place like Tuck, because Tuck alumni are on the cutting edge of the new work environment emerging from the pandemic. The chance to invest in them, to learn from their knowledge and experience, and to help them by keeping them connected to this community of innovation and expertise really feels like a wonderful opportunity.

What are some of your favorite ways to engage with alumni?

Alumni Relations is often about personal connections and gatherings, but the real opportunity is to continue to add value to the lives of our alumni through professional offerings such as career coaching, Tuck Alumni Lifelong Learning, and keeping alumni up-to-speed on cutting-edge faculty research and what fellow alumni are doing.

Outside of work, what do you like to do for fun?

I love everything outdoors here in the Upper Valley. My family has multi-generational ties to Lake Sunapee, and I’m on it or in it as much as I can be. But I also love to hike and just be outdoors in every way; I find it really invigorating.

What would you most like alumni to know as you onboard at Tuck?

I’d love for all Tuck alumni to know that we strive to provide programs that serve them in their careers and as leaders, and we value their accomplishments and want them to stay connected. A real point of pride for the team has been reaching more alumni than ever during the pandemic, creating new virtual engagement opportunities, and fostering connection with alumni who may not have had the chance to participate in Tuck programs. Now that we’re not bound by geography and catering budgets, we can reach people in different ways. Although we’ve had great participation in our programs, the data tells us that even super-engaged alumni aren’t taking full advantage of what we offer: the career coaching, Tuck Alumni Lifelong Learning programs, the chapters, and networks. There is so much opportunity for alumni to be involved, and it’s easy to do. There’s a digital library of content alumni can watch at any time. I hope we can find more opportunities for more alumni to participate because it makes Tuck even better.