Faculty Directory

James Siderius

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Areas of Expertise

Online platforms, social media, networks, data-driven decision making, artificial intelligence, game theory


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2022; SM, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018; AB, Princeton University, 2016


James Siderius is a member of the Operations and Management Science research group at Tuck. He has a broad array of research interests but is generally interested in the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on business operations, often in strategic settings with multiple agents. His prior work has studied this in the context of social media, online review platforms, and two-sided matching markets. He uses game theory to study how agents incorporate information in these various environments, such as in the presence of strategically injected disinformation (bots) or when there is information overload. He is especially interested in how platform algorithms affect user behavior, learning, and the potential societal implications.