Action Plan

Tuck develops wise, decisive leaders who better the world through business.

Diversity and inclusion are cornerstones to delivering on that mission. Among the attributes of wisdom are the inclusivity and empathy to understand and work effectively with others, and core to decisiveness is the ability to thoughtfully seize opportunities. It is through wise, decisive leadership that bold decisions can be made to substantially improve business performance and the world we live in.

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth is committed to creating an environment where all its members feel included and have the support to thrive. We aspire to set the standard for what truly diverse and inclusive leadership looks like within academic and business communities.

The Tuck Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Action Plan, released September 2021, is based on a year-long strategic review of community culture, curriculum, MBA student recruitment, employee hiring and retention, co-curricular and community engagement activities through the lens of diversity and inclusion. Hundreds of MBA students, alumni, faculty, and staff participated in surveys and interviews during this review process. It is their experiences, feedback, and ideas that informed our data-driven and people-centered approach.

The objectives and focus areas of the Tuck DEI Action Plan aim to increase representation, nurture a culture of inclusivity, and enrich the learning environment. 

Tuck DEI Strategic Review and Action Plan

  1. Increase Representation

    Raise representation of various forms of diversity, particularly with race, gender, and socio-economic diversity across student, faculty, staff and leadership positions.


    • BROADEN the pool of under-represented and historically excluded applicants

    • EVALUATE and ADDRESS systemic barriers and implicit bias in recruiting processes

    • PURSUE a continuous and diverse candidate pool while developing a pipeline of student, staff, and faculty talent

    • ENRICH and EMPOWER a diverse community in order to recruit, retain and promote top minority talent 

  2. Nurture a Culture of Inclusivity

    Foster an environment where all students, faculty and staff believe they can bring their authentic selves to Tuck in order to succeed and thrive.


    • PROMOTE, NURTURE and CELEBRATE difference in the Tuck and Dartmouth community

    • TAKE a leadership stance within Dartmouth and the Upper Valley to promote, engage and partner on DEI initiatives

    • FOSTER a growth mindset that develops positive, informed and impactful allies of diversity, equity and inclusion 

    • ESTABLISH community guidelines and expectations to encourage learning, dialogue, and positive relationships. 

  3. Enrich the Learning Environment

    Prepare wise leaders to lead in an increasingly diverse and complex world and workforce and nurture a growth mindset.


    • ENHANCE the learning experience by further integrating DEI into our curriculum, case studies, and classroom experience

    • PROVIDE necessary support, tools and resources for faculty and staff to incorporate DEI within the learning environment

    • PROMOTE knowledge, education and awareness to empower a supportive learning community

    • FOSTER trust, well-being, and openness to discuss DEI along with shared sense of responsibility and participation

Moving Forward

The pathway towards success and sustainability for Tuck’s DEI Action plan requires a multi-year approach of both immediate actions in programming and activities, as well as longer term shifts in behaviors and mindsets.

2021: Define

  • Establish infrastructure and teams
  • Create and share the Tuck DEI plan
  • Model DEI principles and behaviors
  • Launch communication strategy for clarity, engagement, and transparency

2022: Execute

  • Accelerate action plan rollout and participation
  • Evaluate and improve data collection
  • Release new programming and events
  • Foster greater partnerships at Dartmouth, upper valley and beyond

2023: Elevate

  • Continued implementation and evaluation
  • Increased collaboration between Tuck and Dartmouth
  • Advance our systems, tools, resources
  • Showcase impact through metrics