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Dr. Vijay Govindarajan
Coxe Distinguished Professor
Tuck School of Business
100 Tuck Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover NH 03755
Tel: 603-289-0007
Fax: 603-646-1308
Email: vg@dartmouth.edu


Tel: 603-289-0007

VG personally handles all inquiries. The best way to reach him is his email address. Only as a backup, use VG’s cell phone: 603-289-0007.


VG works with companies on the topic of Three Box Solution. He has a passion for sharing his ideas and helping companies become even more innovative, efficient and effective.  He is frequently invited to speak at gatherings all over the world and must be very selective about the invitations he accepts, to ensure he maintains his balance between speaking, teaching and writing.  As such, if you are interested in hosting VG for a possible engagement, please reach out to him at vg@dartmouth.edu and provide him with the date, location, the overall theme and focus for your event, which topic or book you are most interested in hearing about in his presentation, & the audience demographics .  Feel free to add any other pertinent details of your meeting.  He’ll reply as soon as possible with interest, availability and pricing for your consideration.



VG’s favorite format for an appearance is to deliver one of his signature 45-60 minute speeches , focused on one of the core topics, below, followed by 15 minutes of open Q&A with the assembled audience.  He is comfortable in front of audiences of all sizes – from a private leadership retreat for 5 people up to a dramatic public event with 10,000 or more attendees.  He deeply enjoys meeting with the executive leadership of the company hosting him and endeavors, whenever time and energy permit for all parties, to gather for a friendly meeting or meal immediately prior to the commitment.  In this way, he can be better informed on the realities present in the host company’s industry and current environment and better relate his content to their unique challenges.  VG’s speaking style is warm, yet strong, engaging, thought-provoking and livened with the occasional touch of appropriate humor.  In short, VG is a delight.


VG’s core topics, which are explained in more detail at the link below, are based on his best-selling books and offer  components of his simple, yet powerful, 3 Box Thinking as it relates to corporate strategy:

Box 1:  Managing the Present
Box 2:  Selectively Forgetting the Past
Box 3: Creating the Future

A truly successful company must have a strategy that incorporates all 3 boxes, since each one is vital to the stability and future growth of the organization.  It is VG’s mission to inspire companies to forge a 3 box strategy that incorporates efficiency (a Box 1 imperative) with breakthrough innovation (Boxes 2 and 3).


VG has four core presentations, summarized below and based on his best-selling books, which he customizes for the specific audience he will be addressing.  Please click on any title for a more comprehensive look at that specific presentation.  You can also click here for a direct link to videos of VG speaking at various events on many of these topics.

1. Three-Box Solution »
We now live in an era of constant change, driven by the dynamic forces of technology, globalization, the Internet, changing demographics, and shifting customer preferences. As a result, companies find that their strategies need almost constant redefinition—either because the old assumptions are no longer valid, or because the previous strategy has been imitated and neutralized by competitors. Rooted in these premises, the strategic and organizational challenges become:

• How do we identify the market discontinuities that could transform our industry?
• How can we create new growth platforms that exploit new market realities?
• What are our core competencies and how can we leverage them to generate growth?
• What new core competencies do we need to build?
• What organizational DNA will allow us to anticipate and respond to changes on a continual basis?
• How do we execute breakthrough strategies?

2. Innovation Execution »
Implementing Box 3 breakthrough innovation projects is the triple-flip-with-a-quadruple-twist of general management. No matter how talented and experienced the leader, chances are that this is a new and unfamiliar challenge. VG can help you understand the three fundamental challenges faced by Box 3 strategic experiments, and can offer several specific recommendations to help you overcome them.

3. Reverse Innovation »
In this presentation, VG introduces the idea of developing new business models in emerging markets first – instead of scaling down rich-world products – to unlock a world of opportunities for your business. Stemming from a pivotal article in Harvard Business Review, his reverse innovation presentation offers an important next step for companies looking to derive long-term value from emerging markets. According to VG, “Reverse innovation is a potent force that will transform the global economy over the next few decades. It will redistribute power and wealth to countries and companies who understand it and diminish those who do not.”

VG offers a glimpse at strategies from some of the world’s leading companies – from GE and Deere & Company to P&G and PepsiCo. There is no one industry that needs to reverse innovate; instead, all industries must have interest in the needs and opportunities in the developing world in order to thrive in tomorrow’s global marketplace.

4. Delivering World-class Healthcare, Affordably »
In this presentation, VG explains how innovative Indian hospitals are delivering high-quality healthcare at prices 95% below American hospitals. Although the context is very different in these two countries, there are lessons that U.S. healthcare leaders can learn and apply.

To provide high-quality care at ultra-low costs, private Indian hospitals have adopted three techniques: 1) hub-and-spoke networks; 2) task shifting; and 3) basic frugality. These approaches enable these hospitals to maximize the number of patients served, while benefiting from economies of scale. In the years ahead, U.S. healthcare providers should learn about and consider adopting these principles as they strive to expand access, improve quality, and reduce costs. If U.S. providers don’t change, they actually risk being disrupted by these efficient, low- cost Indian providers.


VG travels from Hanover, NH, USA. His speaking fee varies depending on many factors including the location of the event, the length of appearance, degree of customization, preparation required, and convenience of appearance in his calendar of speaking, writing, and teaching commitments. VG will provide details on his fees upon inquiry.

VG personally handles all inquiries. The best way to reach him is his email address: vg@dartmouth.edu. Only as a backup, use VG’s cell phone: 603-289-0007.


VG's mission is to help companies successfully create the future (Boxes 2&3) while managing the present (Box 1)—simultaneously excel in innovation and efficiency.

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VG shows how to turn breakthrough ideas into breakthrough growth.

–John Menzer, President and CEO, Wal-Mart International


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