Vijay Govindarajan has received the following awards for his work on reverse innovation.

Shortlist for getAbstract International Book Award

October 2009 HBR article that introduced reverse innovation ("How GE Is Disrupting Itself") named the “Top 50” management article by Emerald Research

Winner, Best Paper Award Innovation Management 2012

2012 Hunt Institute Engineering And Humanity Visionary Award For Reverse Innovation

Thinkers 50 Breakthrough Innovation Award For The $300 House

Voted by the Thinkers 50 as the #3 Greatest Business Thinker in the World

Winner of the McKinsey Award for the Best Article in Harvard Business Review ("Stop The Innovation Wars", July-August 2010)

Winner of the Accenture Award for the Best Article in California Management Review ("Organizational DNA For Strategic Innovation, Spring 2005)