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Winning The Right Game

My good friend and colleague Ron Adner is releasing an important book Winning The Right Game.

It is a rare book that fundamentally changes how I think about strategy.  Ron has now done this twice.

If you haven’t read his first book, The Wide Lens, you are missing the big picture around innovation in ecosystems.

With his new book, however, Winning the Right Game, Ron has taken an even bigger leap: a new way to understand competition.  What Michael Porter did for our understanding of industry competition, Ron has done for our understanding of competition when industry boundaries break down - ecosystem competition. A new kind of disruption.

The concepts and frameworks he introduces give us, for the first time, a clear pathway for how to build strategies within the modern ecosystem context. 

A pleasure to read, with great writing and exciting case examples, this book has my highest recommendation.  You can get a preview of the book here: http://www.ronadner.com

You don’t want your rivals to read it before you do!