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Restoring Shareholder Confidence When Your Stock Is Down

Numerous well-known companies have seen a decline of 60% or more in their stock prices from their recent peaks, all within a span of one year. They include Netflix, the streaming service; PayPal, the online payment company; Moderna, the Covid-19 vaccine maker; Roku, the digital media player; Peloton, the internet-connected stationary bicycle maker; Uber and Lyft, the rideshare companies; Gap, the apparel seller; Zoom, the video communication company; and DoorDash, the online food delivery platform. Some, like Peloton, have lost more than 90% of their recent stock price peaks, a category we call orphan stocks. Strangely, none of these companies are going out of business soon. On the contrary, their products remain in demand, and they retain leadership positions in their fields. So, what has changed, and what can managers of these companies do to bring back shareholder confidence? Read the rest of the post on Harvard Business Review.