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Blog Entries in April 2016

How Companies Escape the Traps of the Past

A staggering 88% of companies listed in the 1955 Fortune 500 are nowhere to be found in the same list today. They have gone bankrupt, merged, or simply shrunk off the list. Half a century ago, the life expectancy of a firm in the Fortune 500 was around 75 years. Now it’s less than 15 years. Read the entire post at Harvard Business Review>>
Posted by: Vijay Govindarajan - 04/26/2016 at 11:07 am

Why Unicorns Are Struggling

When financial services company Square priced its IPO at $9 a share last November, well under the $15+ price that private investors paid the year before, it was a cold shower of reality for the 6-year-old company. The share price did rise during the IPO, but at the end of the day the firm’s value leveled off to around $4 billion, just two-thirds of the $6 billion Square supposedly had been worth....
Posted by: Vijay Govindarajan - 04/21/2016 at 07:38 am

Eight Dollars and a Dream

My friend Raj Gupta, former CEO of Rohm and Haas, has written his personal story, Eight Dollars and a Dream—My American Journey. I highly recommend you get the book. There are many teaching-learning moments in Raj’s life story. With complete candor, Raj Gupta has captured his life—from his boyhood in India, to coming to the states to study, work, and raise a family with Kamla, his career at...
Posted by: Vijay Govindarajan - 04/20/2016 at 01:16 pm

Let Go of What Made Your Company Great

How can an organization both exploit and explore? Managers, consultants, and academics around the world have long wrestled with this question. Some have responded by developing a concept known as “ambidexterity,” an organizational capability of fulfilling both managerial imperatives at once. But simultaneously managing today’s business while creating tomorrow’s goes beyond being...
Posted by: Vijay Govindarajan - 04/13/2016 at 06:13 am