Faculty Directory

Hanne Pico Larsen

Clinical Professor






MA and PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2006; BA, University of Copenhagen, 1999

Areas of Expertise

Marketing and Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)


TuckGO Global Insight Expeditions


Professor Larsen earned her PhD in folklore researching tourism, themed space-making, and “Danishness” in the Danish-themed village of Solvang, California. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship conducting a project titled “Nordic Spaces in the North and North America.” And she is involved in several projects about storytelling as a tool to strengthen brand biographies, create value, and expand consumer experience with brands.

Current Research Topics

  • Consumer culture theory and tourism
  • Storytelling and branding
  • Tourism, experience economy, and servicescapes
  • Folklore, ethnology, and qualitative research methods
  • Food anthropology

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Clinical Professor, Tuck School of Business, 2020–present
  • Adjunct Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2020–present
  • Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2014–20
  • Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, 2008–14

Selected Publications

  • With T. Hansen and J. Geersbro, “How the Interplay Between Subjective and Objective Financial Risk Influences Consumers’ Expectations, Information Search, and Product Satisfaction,” Journal of Marketing Trends, 5(3), 2019
  • With B. Figueiredo and J. Bean, “Cosmopolitanism and its Sociomaterial Construction in the Servicescape,” in Cosmopolitanism, Markets, and Consumption: A Critical Global Perspective (eds. J. Emontspool and I. Woodward, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
  • “Making Things Valuable,” in Consumption, Markets & Culture, 21(1), 2018
  • With S. Osterlund-Potzsch, “Islands in the Sun: Storytelling, Place & Terroir in Food Production on Nordic Islands,” in Ethnologia Scandinavica, Vol. 45, 2015
  • “A Windmill and a Vikinghjem: The Importance of Visual Icons as Heritage Tropes among Danish-Americans,” in Performing Nordic Heritage: Everyday Life and Institutional Practices, eds. L. Gradén and P. Aronsson, Ashgate, 2013
  • With L. Gradén and S. Österlund-Pötzsch, “Nordic Spaces in the U.S.: Three Examples of the Performance of Nordic-American Identity,” in American Studies in Scandinavia, 44(1), 2013
  • “Thomas Kinkade’s ‘Solvang’: Painting, Performativity and the Third Gaze,” in Studies in Nordic Folklore, Mythology, Literature, and Culture, eds. M. Kaplan and T.R. Tangherlini, WCCAS Occasional Monograph Series, The Pinehurst Press, 2012
  • With Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch, “Ubuntu in Your Heart: Ethnicity, Innovation and Playful Nostalgia in Three ‘New Cuisines’ by Chef Marcus Samuelsson” in Food, Culture & Society, 15(4), 2012
  • “Performing Tasty Heritage: Danish Cuisine and Playful Nostalgia at Restaurant Noma,” Ethnologia Europaea, 40(2), 2010
  • “A Ferris Wheel on a Parking lot: Heritage, Tourism, and the Authenticity of Place in Solvang, California,” in Travel, Tourism, Places: Reinvesting Authenticity, ed. B. Timm Knudsen, Tourism and Cultural Change Book Series