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Erin Mansur

Revers Professor of Business Administration; Faculty Director, Revers Center for Energy, Sustainability and Innovation; Area Chair, Economics





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PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2002; BA, Colby College, 1995

Areas of Expertise

Energy economics, environmental economics, industrial organization, regulation


Energy Economics


Erin Mansur is an economist whose research focuses on topics of energy economics, environmental economics, and industrial organization. He teaches classes on energy economics. Current research examines the labor market implications of hydrofracturing, the environmental effects of electric cars, how natural gas prices affect electricity markets, and how mergers affect competition in electricity markets. He is also a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).

Current Research Topics

  • Economic and environmental implications of hydrofracking
  • Mergers of vertically integrated firms in electricity markets
  • Environmental implications of electric cars

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Revers Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business, 2014–present
  • Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), 2011–present
  • Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Dartmouth College, 2010–14
  • Faculty Research Fellow, NBER, 2006–11
  • Visiting Research Associate, University of California Energy Institute, 2008
  • Associate Professor, Yale School of Management, 2007–10
  • Assistant Professor, Yale School of Management and Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, 2002–07

Editorial positions

  • Board of Editors, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Industrial Economics


  • Best Paper, Association of Competition Economics (ACE), for “Vertical Arrangements, Market Structure, and Competition: An Analysis of Restructured U.S. Electricity Markets,” 2009
  • Dissertation Award, AEA Transportation and Public Utilities Group, 2002

Working Papers

  • With M. White, “Market Organization and Efficiency in Electricity Markets”
  • With S. Holland, N. Muller, and A. Yates, “Decompositions and Policy Consequences of an Extraordinary Decline in Air Pollution from Electricity Generation"
  • With G. Sheriff,  “Do Pollution Markets Harm Low Income and Minority Communities? Ranking Emissions Distributions Generated by California's RECLAIM Program”
  • With I. Wing, “Technology Adoption as Climate Adaptation: Evidence from US Air Conditioning Penetration”
  • With S. Holland, N. Muller, and A. Yates, “Electric Car Adoption with Learning by Doing and Charging Infrastructure”
  • With S. Holland, N. Muller, and A. Yates, “Measuring the Environmental Benefits from Transportation Electrification: Urban Electric Buses”
  • With J. Bushnell and F. Wolak, “Vertical Position and Price Effects of Mergers in Electricity Markets”
  • With S. Puller, “Do Firms Respond to Market Based Environmental Instruments? Evidence from Bidding Behavior in Electricity Markets” 

Selected Publications

  • With S. Holland, N. Muller, and A. Yates, “Distributional Effects of Air Pollution from Electric Vehicle Adoption,” Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 6(S1), 2019
  • With J. Cullen, “Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets: A Revealed Preference Approach using the Shale Revolution,” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 9(3), 2017
  • With J. Feyrer and B. Sacerdote, “Geographic Dispersion of Economic Shocks: Evidence from the Fracking Revolution,” American Economic Review, 107(4), 2017
  • With S. Holland, N. Muller, and A. Yates, "Are There Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles? The Importance of Local Factors," American Economic Review, 106 (4), 2017
  • With S. Holland, N. Muller, and A. Yates, "Damages and Expected Deaths Due to Excess NOx Emissions from 2009-2015 Volkswagen Diesel Vehicles," Environmental Science and Technology, 50(3), 2016
  • With K. Fisher-Vanden and J. Wang, “Electricity Shortages and Firm Productivity: Evidence from China’s Industrial Firms,” Journal of Development Economics, 114, 2015
  • With M. Auffhammer, “Measuring Climatic Impacts on Energy Expenditures: A Review of the Empirical Literature,” Energy Economics, 46, 2014
  • With J. Graff Zivin and M. Kotchen, “Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneity of Marginal Emissions: Implications for Electric Cars and Other Electricity-Shifting Policies,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Volume 107, Part A, 2014
  • With J.B. Bushnell and H. Chong, “Profiting from Regulation: Evidence from the European Carbon Market,” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 5(4), 2013
  • With M. Kahn, “Do Local Energy Prices and Regulation Affect the Geographic Concentration of Employment?”, Journal of Public Economics, 101, 2013
  • With M. Fowlie and S.P. Holland, “What Do Emissions Markets Deliver and to Whom? Evidence from Southern California's NOx Trading Program,” American Economic Review, 102(2), 2012
  • With N.O. Keohane and A. Voynov, “Averting Regulatory Enforcement: Evidence from New Source Review,” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 18(1), 2009
  • With S.P. Holland, “Is Real-Time Pricing Green? The Environmental Impacts of Electricity Demand Variance,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 90(3), 2008
  • “Measuring Welfare in Restructured Electricity Markets,” Review of Economics and Statistics, 90(2), 2008