Faculty Directory

Diederik Vandewalle

Adjunct Professor; Associate Professor of Government, Dartmouth College






PhD, 1988, Columbia University; MA and MPhil, 1982, Columbia University; MIA and Certificate, Middle East Institute, 1980, Columbia University; BA, Southwest State University, 1978

Areas of Expertise

Islamic finance; commodity booms, institutional development, and economic reform in the Arab Gulf states and North Africa; sovereign wealth funds in Arab Gulf states


Doing Business in the Arab Gulf States

Current Research Topics

  • The new Arab Gulf: power, wealth and responsibility in the global economy

Professional Activities

Academic positions

  • Tuck School of Business, 2009–present
  • Associate Professor of Government, Dartmouth College, 2007
  • Chair, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Dartmouth College, 2002–03
  • Fulbright Regional Research Associate, Gulf Research Center, Dubai, 2005–06
  • Fulbright Regional Research Associate, Morocco and Yemen, 1996–97
  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1996–97
  • Visiting Scholar, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, 1994–95
  • Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College 1991–97

Editorial positions

  • Editorial Boards, London Middle East Institute
  • L'Annee du Maghreb (Aix-en-Provence)

Working Papers

  • With S. Hertog, “Tribal Chaos versus Tribal Order: Patrimonial Control Strategies in Libya and Saudi Arabia”
  • The New Arab Gulf: Power, Wealth and Responsibility in the Global Economy (book)

Selected Publications

  • Editor with C. Davidson, Hurst/Columbia University Press series on the Contemporary Arab Gulf
  • Libya Since 1969: Qadhafi's Revolution Revisited, editor, Palgrave, 2008
  • A History of Modern Libya, Cambridge University Press, 2006
  • "From Labor Force Growth to Job Creation," regional economic report on the Middle East and North Africa, The World Bank, 2004
  • “Social Contracts, Institutional Development and Economic Growth and Reform in Middle East Oil Exporters,” background paper in The Employment Challenge in the 21st Century
  • Libya Since Independence: Oil and State-Building, Cornell University Press, 1998
  • North Africa: Development and Reform in a Changing Global Economy, editor, St. Martin's Press, 1996
  • Qadhafi's Revolution 19691994, editor, St. Martin's Press, 1995